Maple Update

To clients of TMX, CDS and Alpha

Dear clients:

Yesterday, we concluded our transaction with Maple Group Acquisition Corporation (Maple) and today Maple is finalizing the acquisitions of The Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS) and the Alpha Group companies.  On August 10, Maple is to be renamed TMX Group Limited.

As CEO of both Maple and TMX Group, I am extremely excited by the opportunities this creates for Canada’s capital markets and for our clients.  Our ability to serve you is even stronger and our focus on clients remains our #1 priority.  The addition of new services and a new trading venue expands our offering and creates the potential for new products and services that will enhance the markets’ efficiency and competitiveness on the global stage.

My commitments to you, our valued clients, are three-fold:

First, the integration of CDS and Alpha into TMX Group will be seamless.  It is business as usual across all of our businesses and markets today.  Our contacts are in place, the management team is focused on serving you and every one of our client relationships remains unchanged.

Second, we will keep you informed of our progress.  As we simplify our operations and enhance our own efficiency, we will keep communicating with you on a regular basis.  My leadership team will be reaching out to customers over the coming days, and we’ll answer your questions as quickly as we can.

And third, we will focus on enhancing Canada’s markets.  This transaction is about strengthening our ability to serve all of our clients, in all regions of Canada and increasingly around the world.  The products and services we expect to introduce will contribute to your success.  And, together we will work to expand market activity and enhance performance.

However, our most important commitment is to remain 100% focused on our clients — your needs and your business.  Our success depends on our ability to serve you and to provide new solutions that enhance your own performance.

I want to thank you on behalf of all of the employees across the new TMX Group, and assure you of our continued focus on client service across the enterprise.

Best regards,

Thomas A. Kloet

Chief Executive Officer
TMX Group
Maple Group Acquisition Corporation

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  1. I suggest the Tmx make accessing quotes on the TMX-V more user friendly.

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